Upcoming San Antonio Texas Events in 2020

Upcoming San Antonio Texas Events in 2020

San Antonia Texas; a great city to visit and even a better place to call home. San Antonio is considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities that is situated in Texas. This city was founded in 1610, and since then it has been the capital of New Mexico. You can say that it is one of the oldest state capital in the United State of America.

Most of us will know that San Antonio is famous for its River Walk, the Alamo, SeaWorld, and its rich Hispanic culture. But what makes it the most visited city in Texas? Apart from tourists’ attractions such as Six Flag Fiesta, The River Walk, and Historic Alamo site, this city is the most popular for its enticing events.

We all know that having a destination in mind for spending your vacations gives you something to work for, right? But if you are planning to go on a vacation in San Antonio in 2020, it is highly suggested that you plan it around March and April.

But why? What’s the reason behind traveling to San Antonio TX at that time of the year? Well, the reason is that there you will be able to attend some of the famous events in Texas that are no doubt the reasons why it has been ranked as the 17th most visited city in the nation.

So, keep reading until the very end of this post to learn more about the upcoming San Antonio Texas events in 2020. Although the dates of the following events have not been finalized yet.

The Tejano Music Award Fan Fair: (March 2020)

Every year, the town of San Antonio hosts a four-day Music Award that features over 100 international musicians. People of all ages are welcomed.

San Antonio Folk Dance Festival: (March 2020)

The S.A.F.D.F is dancing, music, costumes, and friendship of culture from all over the world festival. This event, not only will you be able to enjoy lively dancing, but also experience a concert of folk-dance performances.

San Antonio Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival: (April 2020)

Every year, the Helotes Fairgrounds hosts a heritage festival that is most popularly known by the name of the San Antonio Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival. So, put all hands on deck and get ready to plan your vacation around this time.

The Taco Music Fest: (April 2020)

The Taco music fest is no doubt a front runner. It offers the greatest offering of San Antonio tacos that get assembled.