We take the time to understand you.

Here at IPView Security, we consider ourselves nerds we are not just licensed techs we are passionate about what we do. From installations of security cameras to building servers that control networks. We go the extra mile to making your projects possible at an affordable cost. Throw us a task and we will find a solution, we don't reinvent the wheel, we just find solutions to make it work more efficiently. We love taking an "impossible task" and making it easy and affordable.

Cost is a factor.

We understand cost is a factor in every job we take. With this said we create ways to save you money not by cutting corners but by looking outside the box. Our moto is "finding you elegant solutions to complex problems" we do just that. Give us a call and let us blow your mind with our outside of the box method of thinking.


Edward McLean


IPView Security started as a simple idea and a dream originally founded in 2005, Edward McLean has dedicated his business life to learning his customers and understanding new technology that brings efficiency to the table making affordability possible by focusing on the true need of the client and using tactics that are proprietary to the name IPView Security.


Amanda Petrie

Chief Financial Operator 

With true Efficiency all parties must be on board. Amanda Petrie is one of IPView Security best assets when this ideologies applies by carefully assessing financial assets Amanda has been able to show strengths that are noticeably superior to CFO'S in her class 


Christian Mclean