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San Antonio Security Camera InstallationMany Texas cities have experienced a rapid influx of population in recent years - San Antonio alone added over 25,000 new residents in 2018 - as well as substantial growth in the number of small and medium sized businesses.
All this new activity has also magnified the need and the demand for home and business security systems in texas communities.
If you are contemplating the decision to install security cameras inside and/or outside your business or home, there are several reasons this decision can keep you safer and save you money. Here are just a few:

Business Security Cameras

  • Deter theft from outside:   If a potential thief knows that you have a working security camera system on the premises, they will in many cases simply decide to skip your business altogether in order to focus on businesses without cameras. Unfortunately, some criminals have been known to try to gather information from employees of a business who may not even be aware of the reason, as to whether or not your cameras are "real" or simply for show. So the most effective deterrent is to keep your security camera system up to date and in operating order at all times.
  • Reduce employee theft:   Most employees will of course never steal, but as your workforce grows and as you do more hiring, eventually it is not unlikely that you will encounter this problem. Having a comprehensive security camera system in place will help to discourage such behaviour among the few who might be tempted, and it creates evidence that you can use to recover losses or prosecute in the unfortunate circumstance where it does take place.
  • Discourage and prosecute vandalism:   Potential thieves and vandals who survey your property will be naturally discouraged when they see your state of the art outside security camera system. However, for those who for whatever reason fail to take the hint, we are able to provide you with very high resolution camera systems that are fully capable of capturing faces, license plate numbers and other relevant details that can help the police and prosecutors identify, recover from, and convict property criminals.
  • Protect yourself from lawsuits:   Accidents happen, and sometimes they may happen on your property involving an employee or a customer. It is absolutely in your best interest to have a clear video record of what happened, when dealing with insurance companies and attorneys in potential liability situations.
  • Keep your employees safe:   Good employees are some of our most valuable assets. Having a working video surveillance system on site will helps to discourage anyone who would do them harm.


Home Security Cameras

  • Keep your family and property safe:   Your spouse, children, parents and other relatives, friends & pets deserve to be safe at your residence. Installing and maintaining and up to date state of the art security camera system on your property is probably the most effective step you can take to discourage anyone who does not belong there from entering your property or harassing or harming anyone there. It is also the best way to gather evidence against anyone who behaves in a criminal or inappropriate manner on or adjacent to your home or property. Our expertise and combined decades of experience mean that we are able to configure a security camera system to meet whatever needs you may have, including high-definition cameras that can capture an extraordinary level of detail.
  • Identify visitors (or intruders):   It is simply much more convenient to be able to see who is at the door before answering it, even from the other side of the house. And of course we can enable you to monitor your cameras from your smart phone or tablet device when you are not at home. Need to have a conversation with the UPS delivery agent at your front door while you're at work or on vacation? No problem - we can configure your intercom to enable you to do that too, from your Android or iPhone device.
  • Protect yourself from lawsuits:   Homeowners can find themselves facing potential liability for accidents that occur on their property. A video surveillance system can provide you with a high resolution video record of exactly what happened, to protect yourself against insurance fraud and misunderstandings about who is at fault if a visitor, neighbor or delivery person slips and falls in your driveway.


Your Local Security Camera Installation Experts

The experienced professionals at IPView Security Systems provide expert security camera installation services, camera & system repairs, as well as upgrades to existing security camera system installations to our Texas communities, especially in the greater San Antonio, Austin and Brownsville, TX metropolitan areas.
Security cameras are one of the most effective front-line solutions when it comes to securing your property.
One of our trained security system technicians would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your security needs and help determine the best security solution for your business or residential property.
If you are not familiar with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), it is a typically high resolution hard-lined Security Camera installation that can allow you to record on a DVR or NVR, as well as monitor and capture footage and store it locally or remotely - for example, on a local hard-drive, or on an off-site cloud server.
Various types of camera are available, including Bullet, Box, PTZ and Dome cameras.
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