FVD-1 Fever Detector
COVID-19 has brought all of us to the stage where it has become essential to take precautionary measures to stay healthy and keep your environment secure from this virus as well. IPView Security Systems has designed a system called FVD-1 fever detector to protect all working environments like business organizations, industries, etc. FVD-1, the fever detector, is a system that automatically detects a fever of an individual as soon as it scans him. IpView Security Systems aims at slowing down the rate of infection in working communities. The organization can place this system at its main entrance so that the authorities can reduce the risk of having affected employees.
OCP-Occupancy Rex
OCP - occupancy rex works like a sensor that counts the number of individuals detected by FVD-1 having a fever. The organization can set a threshold value of OCP by itself. The sensor locks down all doors of the organization when OCP rex reaches its threshold value. Furthermore, the OCP notifies the receptionist that the organization has reached its threshold value. The authorities will then immediately take suitable precautionary measures for the organization.
Customized Settings
If an individual feels the signs of fever, he may go for the second scanning. The organization can customize the settings in a way for such an individual where he can select the option which will display a questionnaire. This questionnaire will exhibit a few queries inquiring him about his symptoms and export the final results to OCP rex if those symptoms direct toward a fever. FVD-1 will send a signal to OCP rex so that OCP rex can notify the receptionist. In this manner, the organization will be capable of taking further steps for the rescue of that individual.

IPView Security Systems has introduce the fastest and the most advance FVD-1 the fever detector to lessen down the growth rate of COVID19



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