Famous People In San Antonio Texas

Famous People In San Antonio Texas

Many famous people belong to the city of San Antonio TX. Among these, the most prominent names include Jared Padalecki, Michelle Rodriguez, Henry Thomas, Marcia Nasatir, etc. All these personalities are well known for their work in their fields and have made their name with their brilliance.

Jared Padalecki

Jared Tristan Padalecki is American actor born in San Antonio, Texas in 1982. The actor is reputed for his role as Sam Winchester in the TV show Supernatural. Jared has also appeared in other movies and shows, including House of Wax, Gilmore Girls, New York Minute, etc.

Jared was a candidate for the Presidential Scholars Program 2000 during his school years back in San Antonio. The actor later decided to pursue his acting career and left San Antonio for Los Angeles.

His appearance in various shows made him rose to fame Supernatural has been one of the most successful of his ventures. The show is currently running, and Jared is working great with his co-star Jenson Ackles.

Ever since he left his hometown, San Antonio, Jared has always dedicated himself to produce his maximum for any of the roles he plays, whether he’s an actor, a father or a husband.

Marcia Nasatir

One of the most prominent names in the Hollywood film industry is Marcia Nasatir. Termed as the pioneer who paved the way for women in the film industry, was born on May 8th, 1926 in San Antonio TX.

Her famous work includes Hamburger Hill, The Big Chill, etc. She’s currently the vice president of United Artists all with her unending struggles. Back in her time, no women leads were present, even in major producing companies such as Fox, Paramount, etc.

Marcia, who landed a job as a secretary to the boss of Dell Books’ division, claims to have faced all the atrocities that she terms as equal to the famous TV series “Mad Men.” Moving up from secretary to story writer and then being the Vice President of United Artists, Marcia used her creative ability to lead the company in her new position.

Throughout her life in her career, she faced numerous moments when she was handed over a rejection based on gender differences. But she didn’t give up, after all, she was from San Antonio Texas, city of stubbornness. Her stubbornness is what gained her the success she has today.